Already well established in other parts of Spain, Flex Factory opened a store in Marbella last year, and since then they have consolidated their reputation as highly regarded specialists on the Costa del Sol.

Now with the advantage of more than 25 years in the business, they have been able to confirm that Flex is the brand that “best satisfies the sleep and rest requirements of our clients, offering the best relationship between quality and price, which is why we have made a special commitment to the brand in recent years”.

Their stores in Madrid, Alicante, Alcazar de San Juan, Toledo and Marbella offer discounted and clearance-sale mattresses, latest models from the Flex range, and accessories including bases, pillows, etc., “at the best prices in the area”. They have their own transport service, “to minimise delivery problems and fulfil delivery schedules”.

C/ Zinc 10, Pol. Ind. La Ermita, Marbella
Tel. (+34) 952 898 059