How did you enter into the world of art?
I grew up in my family’s wrought iron workshop in Argentina; my first memories are of the bright cherry-red iron glowing in the fire. There, amongst raw materials, I began to play with shapes and volumes for the first time. In that workshop I spent years learning and perfecting the techniques I nowadays use for my creations. At a very early age I began to receive my first commissions to design special pieces, allowing me to express and develop my own sculptural language. This was my entry into the world of design… What are the inspirations behind your work? My main sources of inspiration are in nature and the interaction between matter and void. I also like to work with the sense of power and proportions. Take us through the process of making your sculptures ( from the initial idea to the final work of art)… The starting point is finding the concept to work around. Whether it’s a customer commission or a more personal project, it all starts off with an idea which is then developed. Once I have the idea, I turn it into a mental visualisation including every detail. During this creation stage I completely lose track of time. This is a very exhausting process but at the same time the most important. After this I prepare the technical plans and/or drawings and the materialisation of the sculpture begins. The combination of metal, fire and water allows me to transform the inert material into a sculptural creation. Why do you like to work with corten (weathering) steel? I feel really attracted to corten steel because of its resistance and technical possibilities. When properly worked and shaped, I see the earth in its true essence – it captures the environment and breathes together with it. It is also an amazing material for architectural designs, especially in large-scale formats. What does the future hold for Matias Di Carlo? With the recent opening of my design gallery in Marbella I am now connecting with special people who share my perspective and passion for art and design. We are working on several commissions for sculptural furniture, and after successfully presenting my most recent sculpture during the Art Marbella fair I am now developing a new series of sculptures to be presented at various international fairs.


Matias di Carlo
Polígono Nueva Campana, Local 37B, Nueva Andalucía (Marbella)
Tel. (+34) 951 517 731