As summer draws to an end, we are sated by the heat, noise and pollution, so I thought I would show you some serenity. Bridges are wondrous things. They have been around since a very long time: think of the Great Wall of China and the Roman aqueducts, to name just two among many famous examples and all the smaller and not so well known ones. They take us from here to there and back again. Who knows who built them all! Some are famous, most are not, and yet they play a vital part in our lives. They were built with stone, roots, impacted earth, vines and all sorts of materials. All of them were eco-friendly and a lot of them used recycled materials, although
at that time no-one knew about these things. The examples I am showing you here are lovely bridges: from Ireland to Japan, Yemen to China… bridges are everywhere in the world.
Their design has been adapted to fit the places where they are located, and how clever were they who designed and built them. Using primitive tools and a lot of manpower (most of it forced), they still stand today, as monuments to ingenuity, eco friendliness and skill. We are too fond of using steel and iron – metals carved out of our planet, granted – to span great space. This is needed but I am drawn to those little bridges with years of people going over them, each with their own story to tell.

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