Interview with Rúben Otero from Otero Group


Otero group is a family business… what were its beginnings and how it did it
come to Marbella?
Otero Group was founded in 1955 by my grandfather, Antonio Otero, who built homes for families in towns around La Coruña. During my father’s era we also worked on a lot of public works, especially in Galicia; and when I joined the company we began to develop residential projects.
Before the crisis we were developing and building in Galicia and on the Costa Blanca. When the crisis hit, I decided to move to Marbella, knowing that here on the Costa del Sol we would come out of the crisis earlier, and also keen to seek clients with greater spending power so we could create some really spectacular designs. Now, both my family and I are very happy in Marbella, and we plan to stay here for good. In fact, we are focusing all the group’s activities here.


Tell us more about the services you offer…
We offer our clients – both private individuals and developers – a single point of contact and responsibility for the whole construction network, from looking for land, designs and licence administration to, of course, the final construction. We are architects, builders and developers. What makes us stand out from other companies offering similar services is that we are the only company on the Costa del Sol with construction in our DNA. I’m passionate about construction, and our work is always completed to an impeccable level. We also offer remodelling and renovation services.



What kind of projects do you carry out?
Mainly villas. We have specialised in single-family villas with a contemporary design and sale prices under €1 million. At the moment we have 40 projects on the go on the Costa del Sol, most of them already sold. Thanks to the fact that we are builders, and we have a major proportion of our services outsourced to the La Coruña offices, we can offer prices that are well below those of our competition. We are also involved with apartment projects, both the design and the construction, for our real estate developer clients. When it comes to renovations, we do everything, from an apartment to a complete villa refurbishment.


Take us through the standard procedures when undertaking a project…
First of all, the most important thing for us is to know our client and analyse their requirements, whether they are a developer or a private individual. Once we understand each other and know what they need, our team of architects presents a completely free design proposal and our building department provides a closedprice quote. This means that, right from the first minute, our clients know how much their whole project is going to cost, and we guarantee by contract that this price will not be higher. While the work is being carried out, our team is in constant contact with the client, sending photos of the project’s progress, as all our clients are outside Spain.


In conclusion…
Otero can offer prices up to 20 per cent below those of our competitors because our staff includes architects as well as the construction team. Furthermore, our large number of projects and our decentralised structure in Galicia enable us to operate with very tight overall costs, which is reflected in our prices. Without a doubt, Otero is the only company on the Costa del Sol that really focuses on construction, unlike others that tend to be just intermediaries or project managers.


Otero Group
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