Summer is here, and sprits are brighter after the winter rains and greyness. So what better than to get out and see what brightness we can bring into our homes. How? Easy: get gardens inside – big or small, you can always do it. There are millions of ideas, to suit your pockets and home size.

The way to do this is simple: always think that the plants need good sunlight and soil, never too much watering, and adequate shade when necessary. If there is good air circulation that is an advantage. I love seeing all the wonderful ideas which people have to enhance their homes. Of course, there is nothing to stop you being as fanciful as you like. My articles are focused on not destroying our planet from the ravages we have caused, and there are a myriad of possibilities. Here are a few ideas from people around then world… Asiatic influences are always popular, a small area somewhere inside where you can relax and day-dream with or without someone accompanying you.


Think how much space you have and what you want the plants to do: are they for show, to calm, for colour or just because you like them. Think of their size: you can’t plant anything which dwarves a space unless you have a huge space to play around with. Plants grow very well going upwards, so that is another excellent option if space is not at a premium.

Do remember that plants are masters at cleaning the atmosphere, and think about what they can do for your

home in this respect. Sweet smelling flowers can soothe, while certain plants such as citronella,
lemon grass and lavender repel mosquitoes and other nasty insects. I have lavender in large pots outside the bedroom windows and, apart from the perfume, the horrid mosquitoes don’t appear.

So you see, Mother Nature looks after us – we need only to know what to do.



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