ER Arquitectos and OMAR Constructora are two well-established and highly regarded companies in the world of architecture and construction. Their philosophy as a team, under the Bespoke Living mantle, is based on hard work right from the start, liaising closely with all those involved in the construction process in order to familiarise themselves with the project throughout its duration, and thus be able to minimise costs and maximise quality for clients.

The single-family home project featured here was created with the objective of respecting, as much as possible, the plot’s topographical conditions. To that end, their strategy was focused on creating a support platform for the home that would also minimise earth movement and preserve the existing trees. Hundredyear- old trees that had survived a multitude of difficulties over the years, including fires and droughts…



The home was conceived as a gentle and subtle rectangular prism located in a dominant position on the plot, with a glass-oriented floor plan that enhances the landscape and surrounding land. Its clean, open geometric lines reflect the designers’ desire to avoid the area’s customary and predominant concept of building hefty structures. The result is a home that has been devised as a space that opens out to its surroundings and also brings them into every corner of the indoor areas. That is, a geometrical element that defines space based on the principal qualities
of its volume without being hampered by visual limitations other than those determined by the land itself.

The home acquires its own personality through a perimeter room that links the functional focus of the indoor areas with the creation of outdoor living spaces. This aspect also had a significant influence in encouraging the architects to ultimately design the home as a single-storey structure, in spite of problems caused by the plot’s existing topography. The villa has a marked horizontal character, which makes it stand out from other typical buildings in the surrounding area, while ensuring its complete integration into the landscape.

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