Two new fitting jobs by Shutters in Spain have the same white lacquered interior shutters
made of basswood, but the final result could not be more different.

The first project was finished at the beginning of May 2017. This apartment, in a recently completed development west of Estepona, features a highly contemporary exterior and a light and bright interior. It has terraces facing from east over south to west, and the amount of light entering the home is enormous.
It therefore needed window dressing that could withstand the heat and UV-rays, block the light when necessary and, at the same time, diffuse the incoming light to give the rooms a warm, cosy feeling in spring and winter.
After viewing the dimensions of the windows leading onto the terraces, Shutters in Spain chose 89-millimetre slats, whereas the windows facing north-east have 63-millimetre slats. All are painted in the brightest white, and are fitted with the Clearview operating mechanism.
The biggest shutters are bi-fold, which means you can open them up completely to one or both sides, or just
open up a part and keep the rest closed.

The triangular shutter high up in the wall “isn’t just a nice feature”, according to the company. “Our client found out that none of the more common types of window dressing was suitable for this window shape,
and that was the reason they contacted us. Because wooden shutters can have any shape imaginable, these ones definitely solved the problem.” The second project was completed at the end of
May. It is a detached, traditional-style villa in Villahermosa near Cádiz that has just been completely
refurbished. It has numerous small and mediumsize windows, and the interior is warm and cosy – with solid wooden floors, off-white paint, beige fabrics and dark furniture.

The interior tends to be a bit dark, so a slightly offwhite paint was chosen. In combination with the typical elliptical shape of the slats, it reflects the light into the interior. Forty-eight-millimetre wide (or “small”) slats, a traditional tilt rod and a tieron-tier fitting (which means there are two shutters, one on top of the other) complete the “real plantation shutter feel”. In the kitchen the shutters were fitted onto the tilt and turn windows themselves, so they remain operable.

In order to be able to open the terrace doors either half or entirely, Shutters in Spain chose to fit a bifold sliding system that allows for the shutters to open to either side – “the most versatile system to cover larger surfaces”. As the company notes, “No matter what style of property you have,plantation shutters are always a possibility.”

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