Tell us about your showroom in Centro Plaza…

It is a reflection of our own style – of our journeys. We offer small quantities, exclusivity and unique pieces. A touch of elegance to suit our clientele, at affordable prices. We try to change the showroom every month, so whenever people walk in they will always find something new.



From where do you draw your inspiration?

We visit a variety of fairs throughout the year, including Milan, Valencia and Paris, where we are always on the lookout for those rare pieces which we are well known for. However, updates from the sector, travelling, suppliers’ open days and close relationships with our main suppliers also provide me with inspiration and help me stay abreast of latest trends.


How would you define your style?

We create warm, cosy, personal, homely houses with
loads of accessories. We use a lot of natural materials like wool, linen, wood and cotton in soft and earthy tones, while also mixing them with more trendy items. It is very important to adapt to the feel of a home, to the rooms, the walls, the floors, etc. – and of course the people who live there. By communicating with the client and showing them different possibilities and options, we can find that special style the client is looking for.




What other services do you offer?

We have the capacity of taking on a specific living area such as a bedroom, lounge or kitchen, for example, to a full house. We are not only a shop: we are interior designers and also have a wide range of curtains, rugs and interesting wallpapers. Another aspect to our business is home-staging. This service is in high demand at the moment as clients understand the importance of having a home that is designed in a way that makes it easier to rent out or sell. Right now, we are working on two retreat centres and a restaurant. They are completely different projects and budgets, but that is what makes this job challenging and fun… creating a beautiful and warm environment that fits the customer’s exact requirements.

Siesta Interior Design

C.C Centro Plaza 44, Nueva Andalucía (Marbella)

Tel. (+34) 952 908 705



Facebook: siestainteriordesign