This year Unique Fires are celebrating their 10th anniversary, an excellent reason for Home & Lifestyle Magazine to meet up with owner Gregory Bynert to find out more about the secret to their decade-long success…

Why do you think Unique Fires has stood the test of time here on the Coast?

I believe it is our efficiency, professionalism, attention to detail and quality of workmanship. As we have been working on the Coast for many years, we understand what our customers expect and require. We deliver an all-round service every time, giving us the good name that we have become famous for.

BeforeAt Unique Fires, is there a certain type of fireplace that seems to be the more popular on the Costa del Sol?

No… it is varied because it depends very much on individual needs. For example, if you need a fireplace to produce lots of heat and you have a chimney, then a wood burner would be an obvious choice. However, if you want a fire just for aesthetic reasons, because perhaps you have under-floor heating installed, then a bioethanol or electric fire might be a better option for you.


When buying a new fireplace, what do you need to take into consideration?

When we visit the home to carry out a survey, we listen to what the customer would like and then work out whether it is feasible. It goes without saying that if somebody wants a wood or gas burner but there are no external walls, it would not be a possible option but we always find a solution to a problem one way or another!

During the warmer months, what kind of patio heaters are available?

There are some really beautiful and effective options for patio heaters available. From fire pits to Bioethanol table-top heaters and four-sided glass or metal gas heaters… there is a multitude of options available.


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