The co-working phenomenon has a glamorous new protagonist on the Costa del Sol. The first of 50 Our//Space co-working spaces is scheduled to open on Marbella’s Golden Mile in January, followed by Dubai, Miami, Birmingham and New York. Our//Space has teamed up with Hollywood production designer Carlos Barbosa “to create inspirational interiors which will make going to work a pleasure and foster connections between people and nature”.

Barbosa was Emmy-nominated for his work as production designer on the global TV hit “24”, has also been production designer on other TV shows including “Lost”, “CSI”, “Magic City”, “Aquarius” and the latest upcoming mini-series for Netflix titled “Godless”, and has worked as an architect with a high-end commercial and residential portfolio in Los Angeles, Miami, Jamaica and New Orleans.

Collaborating with global-branded architects Todd Erlandson and March Studios (L’Oreal, HBO, Adidas, Sassoon, Ridley Scott, VICE and Disney among others) they looked at “how much our physical, mental and even spiritual wellbeing relies on our relationship to the natural world”. The co-working space incorporates natural elements including water features and vertical gardens, “in a sophisticated and subtle manner, using natural colours, materials and lighting to create spaces which feel welcoming, inclusive, warm, and inspiring”.

According to Our//Space, “In order to be successful and sustainable, we must reconnect to ourselves and remain true to our biology, rooted in nature. Our//Space has created an environment that doesn’t feel like it is only about work, but one which considers, and is mindful of, all aspects of our life. A holistic environment that promotes the balancing of the self through activities for the body (health + fitness), for the mind (intellect + work) and for the spirit (emotional + spiritual). Our//Space belongs to all of us. The collective identity is greater than the corporate identity. Every person, space and interaction matters. This humanistic approach creates real harmony and balance, making us feel complete, inspired and energised to be our best selves.”

Adds CEO Kevan Halliwell, “This is the serviced office 3.0. We know that running a successful business is so much more than simply having an office space. Millennials are driving a massive shift in the way we work, wanting a place where they can feel inspired and access a network of like-minded professionals and options to relax, enjoy and learn in their workplace.”

With its high-design work environments, cutting-edge technology and lifestyle-savvy services and amenities, the new initiative is set to offer a different kind of office space and one the team hopes will create “the perfect place for creativity, productivity and inspiration”.

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