If you are an expat living or working in Spain, one of the big questions is: do you have peace of mind when it comes to your healthcare options? As Principle Assurance notes, the Spanish health system can be confusing, “and has often been the subject of inaccurate or conflicting information”. So what exactly are your rights and coverage?

“Well, that all depends,” says global distribution manager Steven Douglas. “There are so many variables that there isn’t a quick, simple answer to that question. First of all the European Health Insurance Card has quite limited cover, and is not designed for either expat workers or residents. Your residency status also affects what you may, or may not, be entitled to. I would advise any foreigner living or working in Spain to examine their coverage and their options before any medical help is needed.” There are many issues that need to be taken into account… What about language barriers? You may have travel insurance, but these policies are designed for short stays and only cover medical emergencies. What about Brexit?

So what are the options? Specialist international health insurance policies can often be advantageous as opposed to local policies, notes Principle Assurance, as many of the benefits within these policies have been tailored specifically to suit expatriates’ specific needs. Globally mobile citizens often require an international plan to cover them in a number of different countries.

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