In your opinion, how important is lighting in the home?

The home is where people spend much of their time – it’s their refuge – so it is vital to create an appropriate climate of comfort that allows them to enjoy their everyday lives to the fullest. One of the key elements in creating this comfortable ambience is, without a doubt, lighting.

Well-planned and properly incorporated lighting provides the feeling of comfort that is so necessary in carrying out our daily tasks and activities. Several aspects depend on lighting: the feeling generated by a warm, relaxing atmosphere; and the actual size, with the opportunity of transforming a small room into a more airy and spacious area, or a large bedroom into a pleasant and intimate haven.

Lighting helps enhance and strengthen colours and the ambience, so using lighting techniques properly can significantly change the final result in each part of the home. In the case of incorrect lighting, you can ruin an attractive décor. And, if you want to achieve an effective and tidy appearance, you need to take great care when choosing the objects that are being lit.

The specific needs for each ambience require different lighting arrangements and configurations, in order to define the distinctive lighting “types” and “systems” that will be used.

When planning lighting projects, three basic premises need to be adhered to:

What to light.

How to light it.

What elements to use.

General lighting: this type refers to the main lighting that illuminates the whole area, and which facilitates basic activities in the absence of natural light. It is always located at the highest point and creates uniform lighting that is free from shadows.

Specific lighting: this complements the general lighting, and is used to illuminate a special area, where a specific activity is carried out such as, for example, a reading corner or a kitchen table. It is also known as focal lighting.

Ambient lighting: generally this is used to set a mood, and is accompanied by both artificial and natural light. It lights up dark areas and creates an atmosphere. In this case the design of the lamp and the colour and intensity of the light emitted are important – the latter shouldn’t be excessive.

Decorative lighting: this kind of lighting is used to create or highlight a specific part of the room, a painting or the building’s architecture. These are the basic issues to be taken into account when undertaking a lighting study, be it for a home or any other leisure space (restaurant, bar, etc.), work office, hotel…

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What exclusive brands do you offer?

TAL for technical lighting; Studio Italia Design, Foscarini, Flos, Marset, Vibia, Contardi, PuraLuce, Pallucco, Terzani, Viso, Catellani & Smith, Metalarte, B.lux and Arturo Alvarez for decorative lighting; Lithoss, an embedded series of lighting; Systemline, a multi-room audio distribution system; Thinkx, a server for viewing with Knx, Crestrom, Modbus, TCP/IP… etc.

What services are offered by Direco, and why should potential clients visit your showroom?

We offer expert knowledge, technology, creativity and design to secure our clients’ satisfaction. We make sure we stay abreast of latest trends in lighting and home automation, and have a team of qualified professionals with many years of experience in the industry, able to offer personalised service and confidence. We have a fast and flexible delivery service for the most demanding clients. Our showroom displays our lighting products, top luxury brand switches and multiroom audio complemented by the many options available through the Knx domotic (home automation) system, thus enabling clients to combine all their home technology.

Creating Exceptional Ambiences - Home & Lifestyle Magazine

What do you enjoy most about your work?

The satisfaction and motivation of completing a well-developed lighting project, and seeing that our clients are satisfied with the work we have done, and feel we have fulfilled their expectations. It’s a very creative and enriching job, but at the same time it brings with it great responsibility. The quest for perfection is constant.


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