What are the main services offered by Aludomo?

We specialise in high-end aluminium enclosures and blinds because we are always seeking the perfect product to meet the needs of our clients, from minor renovations to ultra-luxurious villas. We carry out a meticulous study of the requirements of each client and, in collaboration with leading European manufacturers, create and develop our projects using the best products on the market.

How would you define the typical Aludomo client?

Our clientele is quite varied, from families wanting to renovate the windows of their apartment to clients with very high spending power who are seeking the best market options to enclose their homes. We are also specialists in resolving such problems as dampness and excessive noise in homes.

How do you update your products and services?

We have very close contacts with leading manufacturers in Europe, which enables us to be well informed about all latest innovations and options in the market, and be in a position to offer the most effective solutions to our clients.

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What are your main objectives?

Our main objective is to offer clients complete satisfaction. Most of our new clients are recommended by our current ones. This always provides us with a great sense of satisfaction, to know that we are doing our work well.

In conclusion…

We are currently specialising in minimalist aluminium options, with just two centimetres of aluminium in the junction between the runners and the rest of the frame, embedded during the installation; and tilted windows with just six centimetres of aluminium in the whole perimeter. Also… systems that allow up to 1,000 kilograms of glass to be used for the moveable sheet, and the capacity to incorporate domotic (automation) systems. We are the only company on the Coast that provides a quote with every issue resolved, including installing the foundation frames during the process – thus offering maximum guarantees to our clients.


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