Design Showcase 

A Hi-Finity Showpiece Home



Photos by: Claudio Curia

F2 Reynaers Aluminium has equipped the Las Palmeras private house with Hi-Finity sliding doors. Designed by architect Valentín de Madariaga, Las Palmeras effortlessly combines traditional elements with a sleek, modern aspect. The street-side façade is as solid and intriguing as the Moorish homes of “Al-Andalus”, while the construction and geometry radiate a contemporary serenity and openness similar to the ambience of a 21st century monastery.

“Some time ago,” explains Valentín de Madariaga, “an English client of mine at the time introduced me to feng shui, a Chinese art form which I try to apply to the Spanish landscape. For me, feng shui is about the relationship between the environment and sunlight, and the creation of peace and harmony.”

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The Las Palmeras resident is an avid contemporary art lover. The “backbone” of the residence, which threads together the structure and its various functions, is a long corridor that is used to display the owner’s personal art collection in varying formations.

Indirect daylight illuminates the paintings along this corridor, which proceeds from the gymnasium to the dining and living areas, and then extends to the service areas and bedrooms of the parents and children. In total, the residence comprises 1,200 square metres. The various rooms are all oriented toward the covered terraces, which form a connection to the lawn.

As Valentín notes, people in this area spend a great deal of their time outside, so the outdoor areas which flank the garden and the shaded galleries could be even more important than the functional interior spaces.

A smooth transition from interior to exterior is created, with no less than 18 full glass Hi-Finity sliding doors providing a razor-thin separation between the two. The gymnasium’s sliding doors – which were specifically designed for this project, together with the Grupo Moncada installer – are particularly imposing.


Viewed from the outside, the glass acts like mirrors reflecting the surroundings. Framed by the residence’s white profiles, the blurry image of the terraces and the vegetation almost creates a new modern painting: the latest asset in the owner’s collection.


Las Palmeras 
Architect: Valentín de Madariaga 
Installer: Grupo Moncada – San Roque (Cádiz) 
Reynaers Aluminium
Tel. (+34) 937 219 559