…and How To Maintain Them

By Mike Gregory from Atlas Pools

The swimming pool is a way of life here in southern Europe so the health of our swimming pools is of paramount importance. This in turn means that they should be a sparklingly clear blue.

Due to dust particles, soil, leaves and sun lotions, algae can accumulate if not controlled properly; therefore good maintenance and an efficient filtration system is extremely important. This equipment removes any contaminants that can alter the chemical balance of the water and reduce its clarity and quality.

Naturally, apart from the filtration system it is necessary for any organic material floating in the pool to be removed from the pool regularly; and for those who use it to shower before and after swimming.

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Until recently treatment of the water has been based on the use of chlorine and bromine-based chemicals which dissolve and destroy bacteria and harmful chloramines. However, as they in turn can affect the chemical composition of the water, it is important to maintain a balance between the alkalinity (80-120 ppm) and calcium (200-400 ppm) levels in the pool. Maintaining those levels at a constant is necessary, but in reality many pools are overdosed with chemicals which are introduced into the water and can leave swimmers with eye and skin irritations.

There are now new water filtration systems that have automated sensors and controls to keep a constant check on the water as and when required, making chemicals a thing of the past as the chlorine-free process applies ionization technology to ensure your water’s cleanliness.

Surveys show that children between one and four years of age are most at risk from drowning. Atlas Pools in Estepona are constantly researching and testing available products to prevent this, from pool fencing and covers to preventative alarm systems that make your pool areas as safe and comfortable as possible for everyone.

There are several ways to give your existing pool a facelift. Atlas Pools offer expertise in design, construction and the clever use of materials at their disposal to turn your pool into something exceptional. Also available are a large number of accessories that can be installed, from swim jets to the construction of massage seats, cascades and mosaic tiles – giving your pool a unique interior finish.

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New water treatment technology has already been embraced by the likes of Aquavia Spa, who are the largest producer of spas in Europe. As the official distributor for Málaga province and Gibraltar of Aquavia Spa and the official installers of Pebbletec® pools, the Atlas Group is the local specialist in installing ionization water treatment systems in your swimming pool, spa or jacuzzi, as well as being able to upgrade and modernise existing pools in accordance with new technology and finishes.

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