Interview with Juan Carlos Moreno

from Acristalia

Photos: Peter Staes

What products and services do Acristalia offer?IMG_2706-Editar

We manufacture all kinds of special glassed-in enclosures, are market leaders in glass curtains, and offer a range of products including moveable glass roofs, glass railings, ecological pergolas, PVC windows, wind-breakers for hotel terraces, and everything related to glass.

We manufacture our own systems and undertake 100 per cent of the production process, from taking measurements in your home to manufacturing the product and completing the installation ourselves. This enables us to offer a fully-integrated service with no third parties involved, and all the work is carried out by professionals who are enclosure specialists.

What are the latest trends and products in your industry?

More and more we want to enjoy the maximum space and time we can, and with Acristalia products we make this a reality. With glass curtains, for example, we enclose an area such as a patio or terrace-balcony which you normally can only enjoy during certain months of the year. Installing glass curtains enables you to enjoy the space throughout the year without giving up the views from your terrace. With our moveable glass roof you can enjoy an al fresco dinner while gazing at the stars, without having to worry about the weather spoiling the night. It is as simple as closing the roof and continuing with dinner fully sheltered from the rain. We also have an innovative railing system which, while providing protection, also allows you to continue enjoying the views through the glass, as well as an ecological Acristalia pergola – the perfect product to create a chill-out ambience in your outdoor areas.

How has the company developed over the past few years?

Acristalia was launched as a company in 2007, and its founders have more than 25 years’ experience in the enclosures industry. Since then we have never stopped growing and developing our own enclosure systems, visiting the sector’s main international fairs and continually innovating our products. Currently, Acristalia products are present in more than 20 countries.

What is it you enjoy most about working in your industry?

The satisfaction of being able to create a product designed by Acristalia’s team of engineers, to see how an idea is transformed from blueprint to prototype, then becoming a realty, and then seeing the eventual client enjoying something created by your team and which is fulfilling its objective. This, together with the client’s own satisfaction, is the best way a team of professionals like ours can enjoy their work.

In conclusion…

Acristalia’s products are developed and manufactured by the Acristalia team, and in our case the professionals who undertake the work – both manufacturing and installation – are specialists in these products. Furthermore, there are no intermediaries between the manufacturer and you. Being able to offer this direct and personalised service enables us to ensure the best service is provided and to guarantee that everything will be completed properly.

At Acristalia we know that the best reward for good work is the opportunity our clients give us to continue offering them good work.


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“We offer a fully-integrated service with no third parties involved”

“With our moveable glass roof you can enjoy an al fresco dinner while gazing at the stars”

“The perfect product to create a chill-out ambience in your outdoor areas”