hl42-551 Dedicated to art for more than  five decades, Felix Muyo’s style  has  developed significantly during  that time, reaching a creative  peak  with his latest  paintings,  “Dimensions?” – the result of  many years of work, from 2007  until now. Involved in the world of  art and painting since he was a  teenager,  Muyo has participated  in more than a hundred  exhibitions in Spain and abroad.  He has always been closely  involved with and connected to  Marbella,  which has had a major  influence on his work. In fact, he is  recognised as being the city’s  “forefather of modern art” since the 1970s. In 1991 he won  the XI Marbella International Art Biennial.

hl42-552Felix Muyo’s work has been a path of evolution and social awareness. Using symbols and paintings, his objective has been to make us aware of social problems that are present in our day-to-day lives, such as wars, climate change, intellectual and cultural evolution of people, religion, environment, creation and the search for justice.

hl42-553“Dimensions?” showcases the artist’s maturity, with evidence of this displayed in the messages and symbols present in all the paintings of this latest collection: real objects, hallucinations, matters that concern the artist and that he wants us to be aware of and give the importance they warrant.

Atelier Felix Muyo

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