Danny Verno Smith has always had an affinity with nature and a deep fascination with faces and emotions. Expressing depths of character – whether it is of anger, love, sadness, joy or surprise – is something Danny has often depicted in his works. He primarily paints but also draws in both pencil and charcoal, and sculpts.



Danny considers himself as an abstract expressionist. In many of his works he has produced shapes and figures that are not always initially obvious to the viewer but which later become clearly discernible.

He is often asked to carry out commissioned pieces for private clients, both small and large-scale projects. As an upcoming artist on the local scene, his prices are extremely attractive for a budding art lover. The paintings featured here are approximately one metre by 120 centimetres.

To find out more about Danny Verno Smith’s work, you can email him on vernarts@outlook.com or call (+34) 658 150 018.