Kitchen Living

The major kitchen brands are constantly evolving and wowing us with the ultimate in technology, functionality and beauty. Cupboard handles are disappearing, together with extractor fans that are now often built-into the hob. Kitchens are now not just functional places where we simply cook but are also living areas where the household comes together to exchange conversation and pass the time. With this in mind, kitchens have become more open-plan to create an uncluttered and more social environment. Raw materials are growing in popularity in the kitchen, including wood and natural stone to give a more organic feeling to the room – steering away from the synthetic look of kitchens in the past.


Top: This kitchen worktop is made of Silestone, which is a highly durable compound comprising natural quartz and which has bacteriostatic protection – making it extremely hygienic. It comes in a number of different colours so it is an extremely versatile product for a kitchen. Silestone is available at Mercasur in Estepona (, Concept Building in Pol. Estepona ( and Atlas Group in Estepona (










This Neve collection by Cesar is an inspiring range with a ceramic panel, titanium frame and white bush-hammered stoneware worktop. The oak breakfast bar is heat-treated and the units have inside grip doors:







This exquisite Fendi Casa kitchen range shows exactly how the living room has merged into the kitchen, using high-quality materials and finishings. Fendi Casa is available at Gunni & Trentino in the Marbella Club:







This kitchen worktop is made of Dekton, a new surface which can be fitted ultra large and which is also extremely thin and compact – allowing the surfaces to flow without any joins. Dekton is available at Mercasur in Estepona (www.mercasurestepona. com), Concept Building in Pol. Estepona ( and Atlas Group in Estepona (