Don’t forget about your floors this summer, whether it is inside your home or outside. A room can be very easily revamped with the simple addition of a rug or mat. Placing a rug under a dining table and chairs, bed or sofa can complete the look of a living space, adding another dimension to the design of the room. On an outside terrace, a rug gives the area a more textured and homely feel, allowing you to give more design expression to an otherwise plain floor. Rugs come in an infinite number of designs, so there is something for everyone’s taste.


The Asta rug by Pappelina is a Swedish traditionally weaved rug. Available at



Woop Rugs are an innovative company that enable you to create your own carpet or rug, making it a more personal item for your home. The rug featured here is from the Mexico Kvadrato collection and is available at Magyk in San Pedro de Alcántara:



The Conda rug by BoConcept is handmade and comes in a variety of different sizes. Its striking petrol blue gives a stunning flash of colour to an otherwise neutral room. Available at BoConcept in Mijas:



Hanna Korvela’s new handcrafted Duetto Stripe rug is perfect for the summer, blending two colours of cotton together with a tough paper yarn to give a beautiful finish that is very durable. Available from Banni in Marbella:




This durable poolside mat is made of 90% vinyl and 10% glass fibre. It is available in various colours. Available at Femont Galvan in Marbella Club



Placing a thin but durable rug under a table completes a table setting. The Midsummer design by Ritva Puotila for Wood Notes is a combination of narrow stripes that creates a contrast against a simple table setting. Available at Banni in Marbella:



This garden rug from Paola Lenti’s Orto collection Lenti was embroidered by hand. The rich purple rug (typically found in Paola Lenti’s collections) against the pink sofa makes a really vibrant eye-catching living area. Available at





The Pinocchio rug by Hay was named after a Danish brand of liquorice which is a mixture of colourful sugary glaze with a salty liquorice interior. This
circular rug is made out of hand-rolled felt balls strung on a cord and is created in local workshops using traditional craft methods and helping to provide
jobs in low-income areas in India and Nepal. Available at BoConcept Plus Store in Mijas: