We all acknowledge that our bedroom is an extremely important area in the house where we should feel completely relaxed and safe – a sanctuary where we can rest in total peace. A good night’s sleep reduces health risks and makes us feel refreshed, putting us in a more positive mood. Sleep also helps the brain more easily recall information and cope better with day-to-day stress. So with all of these benefits in mind, spending time on decorating this area of your home to give you the best night’s sleep possible is certainly money well spent.

Designing The Perfect Bedroom For The Ultimate Night’s Sleep

Make your bedroom a place where you can fully relax and feel comfortable with soothing colours freeing the room of clutter and keeping it organised. For the best night’s sleep, the room temperature should be ideally between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius. 

Make your bed inviting by putting good-sized pillows, cushions and throws to “glam-up” your room, giving it a sumptuous cosy feel.

Keep noise down to a minimum with double glazing to block out any traffic noise and make sure you switch off televisions and radios before drifting off to sleep. Consider scents in your bedroom such as lavender, sage or camomile, which can lower blood pressure and your heart rate. Calming scents help  you relax and improve your mood, allowing you to sleep more easily.


Arflex combines natural colours and materials with modern chairs to give a great contemporary look to a bedroom. Available at Gunni & Trentino: www.gunnitrentino.com


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Muted colours create a sultry and warm feel and can look very sophisticated, especially with metallic accessories such as copper.

A good quality mattress should last up to around 15 years but a cheap one will only last half that time. As we sweat whilst we are sleeping, natural materials in your mattress such as cotton, hemp, wool, linen and silk are very good in taking away moisture, lowering the temperature and keeping your bed as hygienic as possible. A mattress topper will prolong the life of your mattress and will offer extra comfort.

Choose a good mattress with good lumbar support, and pillows and sheets which suit your specific needs. Look into what type of foam and steel is used and whether the coils are individually-wrapped, ensuring that the bed is responsive to your body.


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Make sure you have good storage so that your bedroom can always be clutter-free. Consider buying tall drawers to maximise on storage space. Choose wardrobes with ample room to hang clothes with plenty of drawers and shelves to make best use of the storage space, keeping your clothes as organised as possible.

Open floor-to-ceiling walk-in wardrobes make it easier to locate your items and give the feeling of walking into a luxurious boutique shop. 


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bed11  bed10

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Dimming the lights about an hour before bed will help regulate your body, lulling your brain into a sense of drowsiness. Consider good lighting that is adjustable. There are many different types of lighting to choose – from wall lamps to table lamps. Also, use blackout or thick curtains to keep the light out.


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