This versatile fireplace has a classic, clean shape to enable you to place it wherever you want to. It is an ideal room-divider, combining the transparency of hardened glass with the floating, unique body of the fire, which can be viewed from any angle in the room – thus creating a relaxing mood and making you feel instantly at home. This fireplace is from the Divider range at Vauni:


The Scaletta, which appears to be like a ladder, is actually a new radiator concept intended mainly as a heating appliance which also serves as a design object. There is no installation needed so it is very versatile and can be placed anywhere in your home. It requires an electric power supply:


An iron wood-burning stove with an advanced combustion system and an Airwash cleaning system with secondary air. Available at Unique Fires:


The Marbella limestone fireplace range is sleek and modern. Available at Unique Fires: