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When the kitchen blends into the dining room…

The kitchen is the most popular room in the home, where the house members get together to cook, eat and catch-up. As the festive season is nearly upon us, the focus on our home is drawn even more towards our kitchen and dining area with the emphasis on entertaining friends and family at this highly social time of the year.

Often these days we are seeing dining rooms integrated into the kitchen area, thus uniting them as one and creating a large open and functional living space. So with this in mind it has never been so important to invest in this particular area of your home…


Kitchens should be free from clutter. By clearing your worktops, your kitchen will seem larger and cleaner – therefore consider good storage facilities.

Liven up a neutral-coloured kitchen with a striking illuminated bar façade. Images of nature are extremely popular at the moment, softening the look of a sterile room. Taking this idea even further, Dutch designer Robert Kolenik made an entire L-shaped bar into an aquarium. The appliances and cabinetry are hidden by the clever use of mirrored glass and aquascaping.

contemporary-fusion-1This year Hi-MACS® brought out their new “The Sky Is the Limit” kitchen created by Belgian designer Xavier Bonte and inspired by a cloud in the sky. In this curvaceous island there is an induction plate and two sinks and, when it automatically opens, a tap appears as well as four drawers. The upper part of the island opens and closes electronically by remote control.

Isolated formal dining rooms now seem to be out of favour, with open-plan kitchens giving the feeling of free-flowing space and enabling people to mingle and not feel separated. Open-plan kitchens are perfect for family living and ideal for entertaining and modern lifestyles. Putting an oversized lampshade or chandelier over an island worktop adds a touch of glamour and makes a bold statement.

A large open living space can feel cold and uninviting so the interior design has to be well thought out. With open-plan kitchens and dining areas that have clean lines, consider natural wooden floors as they can soften the room, counter-balancing light and creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Also, if the space is large enough, a fireplace can make a great visual impact.

Avoid clutter in your dining areas with adequate cabinetry near the table.

If a room is neutral in colour, mixing different coloured chairs around a dining table gives the room a fun look and brings the space to life.

Glass dining tables provide a sleek image and look great with wooden legs or a metal base.

Natural wood tables are rustic but can appear quite contemporary. Wooden tables accumulate more character as they age, adding a unique charm.