Round-up of business, charity, cultural and other general items of interest from the Costa del Sol, Gibraltar, Balearics… and further afield

Launch of Elegant New 2015 Collection

Featuring iconic designs, rich materials, shimmering details, lots of blues and multiple functions, BoConcept’s new collection of furniture and accessories for 2015 is presented under the headline, “It’s a concept”.

The trend-setting Danish company’s aim is to celebrate individuality by offering multiple options in a completely coordinated collection. “So no matter if it is the new blue, the shiny metallic colours or the most delicate grey, you can have it your way and be sure that it will match.

Highlights of the collection include the new Boston and Adelaide chairs, as well as a wide and varied range of elegant dining tables and wall systems.

Exceptional Swedish Style in Doors

The search for a quality door, stylish and secure enough to compliment the stunning homes that are built in and around Marbella, has been made easier with the launch by Sweden-based company Bovalls of its unique product in Falsterbo6C2W4869Spain.

One hundred per cent bespoke, FSC-certified hardwood doors, made entirely by hand, can now be ordered from, and delivered to, any home. With a large selection of designs and a variety of beautiful hardwood available, customers can choose both external and internal doors “of a quality not seen before in Spain”.

Tel. (+34) 699 908 148 (Alice)

Top Award for Ice Cream Parlour

Gelateria di Porto Marina in Benalmádena has received an award as the number one ice cream parlour in Spain, as judged by TripAdvisor. Open for just a short time, the owners say they are extremely proud of the achievement.Gelateria-Porto-Marina

One client quoted by TripAdvisor praised the parlour for having a wide range of flavours and offering authentic tastes – creamy and consistent. Made every day using artisanal methods and natural ingredients, their products include puff pastry and turrón (nougat candy), the original banana split and traditional chocolate.

Soft and Firm Mattresses at the Click of a Button

In a new advancement that addresses consumer demands for personalisation, Exact-Jensen Comfort Adjustment enables you to choose the level of mattress firmness yourself. Mattress firmness is a feature that most people are consciously aware of. With Jensen’s new Exact feature, the boundaries between existing comfort benefits have been transcended. With a single click, users can now choose a softer or firmer mattress – something that allows consumers to have more flexibility in their comfort.

According to Jensen, Exact-Jensen Comfort Adjustment is a feature for active people wanting optimal sleep and rest. “The new technology allows the degree of firmness to be changed depending on how the user feels, and it provides anyone that is willing to invest a little extra with the chance to find their individual sleeping comfort.”

Jensen has a tradition of being the first to release new and improved solutions and is a leader in the market. They say their goal is to improve people’s sleep comfort “by challenging current solutions through new technologies and creative approaches”.

Jensen Store

Polígono Nueva Campana (Marbella)

Tel. (+34) 952 908 855

Glamorous Open Evening in El Rosario

Lucem is a German company that has recently launched a product on the Costa del Sol that combines translucent concrete with shimmering light. This new material can be used in many different areas in the house – to provide_RAI5002-copiathe wow-factor.

Lucem will be holding an open evening with champagne and canapés in an exclusive venue in El Rosario, where guests will be able to see first-hand for themselves this “amazing new product”. The event will start at 7pm on 9 October and everyone is welcome. Those wanting to attend are required to email ( to let them know, and Lucem will then reply with address details for of the event.

Tel. (+34) 630 838 264 (Sabine)

Presentation of Cutting-Edge Real Estate App

Propana Estates have launched a cutting edge real estate app for vendors and purchasers in southern Spain. The Propana Virtual Real Estate Viewing app “aims to reduce the amount of time wasted by clients looking for property on the Coast”.

It has two functions. The first allows clients to scan “Se Vende” or “For Sale” signs with their smartphone. The app is built on new “Augumented Reality” technology, enabling it to recognise the image printed on the “Se Vende” sign and overlay information on top of the sign including images, videos, property sizes, features and floor plans.

Clients can therefore see more information about the property before they book a viewing, which means they are booking appointments for properties in areas they are familiar with armed with much more information about the property. “Less time is wasted by the client and the vendor will only be showing their property to clients who already know the details and have seen images of the property before booking.”

The second function of the app allows clients to search for property through their smartphone in a specific area. By clicking “scan” in the Propana app, the client will see all of the properties for sale in a specified distance. “This way they will only be searching for property in areas they are comfortable with.”

According to Propana Estates, the real estate sales arm of the Propana Group, they are utilising this technology, together with other marketing tools, “to help clients market their property more efficiently”. As Propana Estates managing director Caroline Armstrong notes, “Real estate companies today need to be more proactive when selling property.”

The Propana Property App will be available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices through the app store or Android Play Store from mid-September.

Tel. (+34) 951 194 606