Moving away from Europe to the other side of the world, Good Design Australia has chosen the winners of its prestigious annual awards. The overall recipient of the 2014 Good Design Award was Australian bathroom maker Caroma, with industrial designer Marc Newson. The judges said the 22-piece bathroom collection “exemplified how the process of design thinking can be applied to a long-standing everyday product to resolve challenges and issues and reach a beautifully designed outcome.

Gesture2“This a stunning example of an iconic brand taking design seriously and placing it at the core of their business strategy. The outcome is a beautifully resolved design language across the entire suite of products in this range. The outcomes of this design project will extend the brand value of Caroma and reinforce their commitment to original design and cutting edge innovation in what is a very competitive market segment.” Caroma-Newson-2

The winning entry in the furniture and lighting design category was the Gesture chair. “Our work environment has changed significantly over the years with the introduction of new technologies and tools,” noted the judges. “This is the first time designers have factored these considerations into the product development process. The outcome is a beautifully resolved and extremely functional office chair.”

For architecture and interiors, the judges were most impressed by the Prince Alfred Park & Pool, describing the project as “stunningly resolved design and architecture from one of the most highly acclaimed landscape designers in this country.

“This was a beautiful team effort that involved a trusting client in the City of Sydney and a very talented team of designers, architects, communications designers and landscape architects. Every aspect of this park is so beautifully considered. A short stroll through the area and you can quickly see just how popular this park has become and why this team deserves recognition.”

Other awards were presented in the categories of sustainability, domestic appliances, consumer electronics, housewares and objects, babies and children, sport and leisure, automotive and transport design, commercial and industrial, medical and scientific, packaging and graphics, digital and online design, and community centred innovation designing for disaster preparedness.