Award-winning pieces from Finnish artist Björn Weckström


A reformer of Finnish jewellery art whose unique style has attracted national and international attention since the 1960s, Björn Weckström won the prestigious 2013 Kaj Franck Design Prize awarded by Design Forum Finland.

Weckström was among the first designers to combine new materials such as acrylic with traditional precious metals. His creations include the Space Silver collection, which was both miniature sculpture and miniature landscapes. In addition to his extensive jewellery output, mostly for the Lapponia company, Weckström has also created works in sculpture – many inspired by the mythology of Antiquity.

The prize jury noted that Björn Weckström’s identity as an artist was of a markedly classical orientation. “It is based on a thorough knowledge of culture, crafts skills, his vision as an artist, and ethical standpoints. Weckström has explicitly sought to provoke and pose questions in both his jewellery and sculptures and he has been attuned to his times in an uncompromising and astute manner.”

The Kaj Franck Design Prize is awarded annually to a designer or team “innovatively creating both high-quality industrial design and unique, one-off works”.