Functional and Fun

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Cabinets, drawers, wardrobes and shelves are becoming increasingly more important in the strive for “clutterless” living – allowing us to hide away our knick-knacks and creating a more organised and spacious room.

Designs in furniture are becoming more multi-functional, with the likes of tables offering built-in drawers and shelving facilities.

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Cabinets and drawers do not have to be simply functional: with an interesting design or structure they can really set-off a room, making it a fun piece of furniture.


In the bedroom, it is worth considering a bespoke wardrobe that suits your storage needs, helping you to be more organised and, at the same time, saving you space.

A personal digital print onto wardrobe doors can make a bedroom feel truly tailor-made for the person who sleeps there. This is particularly popular in children’s rooms.

If your bedroom is designed in neutral colours, a cabinet or shelf with a splash of colour can really waken up the room.

Angular shelving can add an interesting dynamic to an otherwise mainly practical fixture. Angular drawers have also cropped up in recent designs, offering a novelty factor to a standard functional piece of furniture.

Cabinets and drawers in bathrooms are more prominent these days. Towels, electrical appliances and cosmetics can all be stored away, clearing the surfaces and making the room feel more expansive and well-ordered.