The bathroom is a sanctuary – a room where you can retreat, relax and pamper yourself. Bathrooms these days are becoming more like what you would expect in a hotel: extremely sanitary, clean lines, technological and natural materials. Lighting is key, with beautiful stonework and stand-alone bathtubs.

Space permitting, even furniture is being put into bathrooms… chairs, drawers and cupboards. As we look for more efficient use of space, cabinetry is becoming a must-have in any modern bathroom, coming in exciting designs that save on space.

Floating vanities and cabinetry are popular options in modern bathroom design as they can look sleek and contemporary, as well as providing the added benefit of making the room feel bigger, especially when there is under-cabinet lighting.

The quest to achieve the luxury feel of a spa in your own home has never been stronger. Installations such as heated towel rails, under-floor heating and waterproof speakers that stream music into the room are becoming more common in today’s bathrooms.


Photo: Jacob Defalon

Natural Look

A key inspiration for bathroom design these days is nature – not only in terms of materials but also in colour eco-friendly products.

Materials such as stone countertops, granite, quartz and composite stone are highly sought-after.

Wood has also made a comeback – whether faux or solid, you can often notice wood in cabinetry, vanities and flooring. A development of this is faux wood ceramic tiles which look like wood but have the qualities of a tile.


Cool Colours

Earthy, nature-inspired hues with whites, off-whites, beiges, browns and greys are highly popular, although flashes of vibrant colours such as blues, greens, oranges and even shocking pink are also being added to otherwise neutral-coloured bathrooms.

This provides a bit of spice to a bathroom, either using coloured mosaic tiles as borders, tile splashbacks or shower flooring or by including printed glass shower screens or countertops into the design.


Smooth Lighting

Sconces flanked up against a mirror provide soft lighting for the face. Spotlights and a statement chandelier or pendant fitting are a popular combination. Vintage and eclectic lighting has become on-trend, with brass and gold used more and more.


Sleek Sinks

The all-in-one sink and vanity combination continues to be a popular choice thanks to its functionality.

Water-saving faucets and shower roses are highly sought-after due to the emphasis these days on eco-friendly living, which in turn saves money on bills.

There is a renewed interest in traditional-style taps. As a general rule, streamlined design is chosen more often than not over traditional styles.


Photo: Villeroy & Boch

Chic Showers

The design of the showerhead, or simply a luxurious stone surround to a shower, is all about trying to turn the bathroom into more of a spa experience.

Marble in the shower is currently very much in demand, from marble slabs and large tiles to mosaic patterns.

Colour-changing LED showerheads and oversized shower enclosures, complete with an oversized showerhead and body jets, are often found in today’s bathrooms.


Photo: Gunni & Trentino

Modern Accessories

To dress a bathroom, features such as soap holders, shelving, towel racks, robe hooks, toilet brush holders and art with eye-catching waterproof and heat-resistant graphics all provide a contemporary look.