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In this article we talk about inheritance in Spain and the figures of “executor” and “accountant partidor”, highlighting the functions entrusted to them in the Spanish Civil Code after a person’s death. The executor is the person appointed by the deceased in their will to carry out its provisions and therefore execute their last will.…

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How the Quarantine has Affected INTERIOR DESIGN – Interview with Creative Director Olivia O

How are you helping clients make their homes more comfortable and functional following the official quarantine period? More than ever, people are looking into investing in their residences. The post-COVID client will be more attuned to flaws in their homes after taking a closer look at them while staying at home. Lately, we have received…

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EXPERT ADVICE – March April 2023

THE SECOND CHANCE L AW IN SPAIN ARTICLE SUPPLIED BY WELEX LAWYERS & ACCOUNTANTS Once an agreement has been reached, and the conditions of the debts have been improved in such a way that the debtor can pay them, an insol vency administrator is appointed. This is the person responsible for manag ing and administering…

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