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EXPERT ADVICE – July/August Edition 2022

In recent years, there has been a considerable boom in tourist rentals in Spain. As an owner of a residential property in Andalucía, you can offer it as tourist accommodation for rent by marketing or promoting it through tour ist channels, such as real estate agencies, mediation companies or digital booking management channels. However, there…

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In this article we talk about inheritance in Spain and the figures of “executor” and “accountant partidor”, highlighting the functions entrusted to them in the Spanish Civil Code after a person’s death. The executor is the person appointed by the deceased in their will to carry out its provisions and therefore execute their last will.…

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Train Your Respiratory Muscles By Rachel Garrod

These past few weeks I have been seeing patients with post COVID-19 sequelae, which refers to longer term complications following the initial infection. Imagine, a long period of bed rest and inactivity, weeks or possibly months of breathing dependent on a ventilator, fibrotic damage to the lungs as a result of the infection, muscle problems… Read More

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